120 Shelter Cats Land in Oregon for a Second Chance

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Thanks to your generous support and a donation match by Petfinder.com powered by Purina®, over a hundred shelter pets will get the second chance they deserve.

As cats were being vetted for their Flight to Freedom, it was discovered that two of the cats were sick and others had possibly been exposed to the sick felines. These cats are being treated, quarantined, and observed but were unable to make the flight.

Photo: Oregon Humane Society

This lowered the original number of 200 to 120 cats and kittens who were taken from overcrowded shelters in southern California and flown to Portland, Oregon on June 13.

Apollo Photo: OCAC

Since there was still room on the plane, seven shelter dogs were added to the flight last minute. A pit bull mix named Apollo was the largest passenger and he was joined by other dogs like Sullivan and Regina who were thrilled to have a one-way ticket to Oregon.

Sullivan Photo: OCAC
Regina Photo: OCAC

All of the pets touched down in their new home state and were greeted by staff and volunteers from Oregon Humane Society and Cat Adoption Team. The purr-fect pets will be taken back to the shelters to relax and adjust before being put up for adoption.

Photo: Oregon Humane Society

Oregon Humane Society shared some photos of the kittens arriving at the shelter and being examined by the medical team. Check out their website to see all their adoptable felines.

Photo: Oregon Humane Society

Cat Adoption Team is snuggling with the cats and kittens as they take in their new surroundings. You can see all the adoptable cats here.

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Photo: Oregon Humane Society

Our partner, Greater Good Charities wrote, “This life-saving flight will help make room for the influx of felines expected at our sending partners OC Animal Care and San Diego Humane Society as the annual ‘kitten season’ rapidly approaches.”

Photo: Oregon Humane Society

Thank you so much for your continued support of our monthly Flight to Freedom. Help us save more lives by donating towards July’s flight. Just $5 helps cover the fuel costs of flying a pet 125 miles towards safety.

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