14-Year-Old Golden Retriever Goes To Visit His Neighbor At 7:30 AM Every day

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14-Year-Old Golden Retriever Goes To Visit His Neighbor At 7:30 AM Every day

This 14-year-old golden retriever visits his neighbors every day at 7:30 am.

Oliver has a really strict schedule. At the same time each day, he arrives at his neighbor’s gate as if his visit is one big surprise. And he’s been doing it for 9 years.

Melissa claims the handsome pup is really identified and independent. If nobody is there to greet him, he reveals himself inside and makes himself comfortable before the refrigerator while he waits to be seen.

Oliver also expects to be welcomed by everybody. He suches as to greet the various other dogs and greet to whoever is home. He usually arrives about 7:30 am but he’s also been known to show up for parties.

When Oliver is done visiting, he lets Melissa know he wants to go home. So, she allows him out and of course, ensures that he gets home safe and sound by calling his owner on the phone to let her recognize he’s on the way.

Then Oliver slowly strolls back home. He establishes his own pace just like a distinguished gentleman. He remains in no rush and most likely already preparing for his next visit.

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But Melissa’s isn’t the only house Oliver suches as to visit. He makes his neighborhood rounds and visits different neighbors, perhaps sharing a cup of coffee and helping people greet the day. Sadly, those visits have actually slowed down in his old age however his mother still has him wear his GPS tracker so she can keep tabs on him.

Even though Oliver can’t wander as much as he used to because he is older currently, he still likes going next door. It assists keep him young although he’s losing his hearing and eyesight and walks much slower these days.

But fortunately, he can still safely make it to the neighbor’s house where he spreads so much joy and love. They look forward to his visits and appreciate the special friendship they have actually been able to share all these years.

Oliver is so lovable and it’s so awesome that he has a lot of caring friends. What a special dog. We hope you enjoyed his tale. As constantly, please feel free to share with your buddies.

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