A homeless dog caught with a stuffed animal while sleeping becomes an internet sensation

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An image of a homeless dog cuddling a broken teddy bear while sleeping has taken the internet by storm, sparking a mix of emotions among animal lovers.

The touching picture shows the stray dog using the abandoned teddy bear as a makeshift pillow while resting on the sidewalk.

The photographer, Yvette Holzbach, shared the image with a caption questioning how many dogs end up on the streets after being discarded once they are no longer needed.

The photo went viral, drawing sympathy from many but also raising questions about why the dog wasn’t rescued immediately.

Yvette is a dedicated volunteer with Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward in Houston, Texas, where she works tirelessly to rescue abandoned animals, provide medical care, and find them loving homes.

Yvette Rescuer

Despite their efforts, the sheer volume of stray dogs in the area proves to be a significant challenge for Yvette and her team.

In response to criticisms, Yvette explained the limitations they face due to the lack of resources and foster homes available to accommodate all the dogs in need.

The dog in the photo, named Teddy, was among the many being cared for by a local resident named Mr. Calvin, who sadly passed away in 2018.

Yvette’s work continues to shed light on the struggles of street dogs and the dedication of individuals like Mr. Calvin who work tirelessly to help these animals.

Yvette’s compassionate efforts serve as a reminder of the importance of supporting those who advocate for vulnerable animals. Share this story to raise awareness and show your support for this noble cause!

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