A Senior Dog Cries For A Home But Adopters Keep Avoiding Him For A Sad Reason.

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Although many dogs face difficult moments daily for various reasons, stereotypes are often the main cause of their suffering.

From the common belief that Pit Bulls are unadoptable to the idea that older dogs are worthless, these stereotypes often result in heartbreaking situations.

One senior dog from Los Angeles, California, experienced this firsthand when potential adopters avoided him, believing he was “damaged goods.”

His unfortunate situation touched many people and brought tears to their eyes.

His Heartbreaking Story

Source: @philozoiaanimalrescue

According to the Facebook post by Philozoia, an animal welfare organization based in Los Angeles, California, a senior dog named Eeyore was saved from a euthanasia shelter before he came to their premises. They had nothing but words of praise for him.

“He is crate and house trained, kid-friendly, and would make a great family dog. Eeyore loves attention and naps, and he also has a playful side. He loves toys and takes his stuffed animal with him everywhere,” they wrote.

Although they thought that Eeyore would quickly find his forever home, they were unfortunately very wrong. They couldn’t even find him a foster home for a long time, let alone a forever one.

Dog with ropeSource: Philozoia

Yet, one day, a young woman named Harshey heard about his sad story and was so moved by it that she had no other choice but to become his foster mom. It was from her home that his story would soon reach many hearts.

After a certain period of his stay with her, Harshey felt the need to share a video about Eeyore’s unfortunate fate on her TikTok profile.

@njyslve Fostering is always hard, but this one is going to hit different. A senior dog with severe scarring and asthma is seen as damaged goods for most adopters. But Eeyore has been nothing but brave and kind since I picked him up tonight. Please consider Eeyore. He is available through Philozoia rescue in SoCal. #adoptdontshop #adoptresponsibly #rescue #animalsoftiktok #dogsoftiktok #animalshelter #fostercare #fosterdog #dontbullymybreed❤ #mastiff #bullybreeds #animalrescue #applevalley ♬ original sound – NOFEELINGS.

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“A senior dog with severe scarring and asthma is seen as damaged goods for most adopters. But Eeyore has been nothing but brave and kind since I picked him up tonight,” part of the caption reads.

The video shows Eeyore’s bad condition caused by severe scars behind his ears and on his back. After that, Harshey revealed that she would never have suspected that these scars were the result of abuse if he hadn’t flinched when she petted him.

crying dogSource: @njyslve

It is at that moment that many things became clearer and we realized that Eeyore was not only a victim of his age, but also of something much worse.

“I can’t help but fear that no one will ever come for him,” Harshey says at the end.

Broken Hearts

tiktok commentsSource: @njyslve

Although this video leaves a bitter taste, it is encouraging to see that Eeyore’s sad story was able to reach many hearts. No one remained indifferent, as this video caused numerous reactions.

“It’s unbelievable the pain and horror tgat humans inflict on these babies. Thank you for loving him-he deserves only the best 🙏❤️,” one user commented.

“sweet handsome Eeyore🥺 I’m hoping with everything you find your happily ever after that you deserve❤️❤️🙏,” another one added.

One viewer even asked Harshey why she doesn’t adopt him, but she had a ready answer: “Keeping him means more dogs that continue to not have a foster and are then at risk for euthanasia.”

With it, Harshey wanted to say that this is not the right solution but that people should open their hearts to dogs like this instead. That way, not only Eeyore, but also many other dogs who are in the shackles of similar stereotypes will find their happiness more easily.

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We hope that this very story will encourage positive changes, and also that Eeyore, himself, will soon meet his happy ending.

senior dog with tongue outSource: @njyslve

We will keep our fingers crossed.

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