After 12 years, a senior dog surrendered by his owners finds a new family and enjoys his “best last days” with them

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Most individuals have a desire for a canine companion while growing up, seeking the unique and unwavering affection that only dogs can offer. When we finally bring a dog into our lives, we wish for them to remain forever young so we are spared from witnessing their decline in energy and eventually having to bid them farewell.

Experiencing the loss of a dog is a profound and heartbreaking event, akin to losing a cherished member of the family. The bond we form with these incredible creatures is strong, making it incredibly difficult to cope with their absence. Nevertheless, each dog owner has their own way of dealing with such loss.

While some people hope their pet dog will live forever, others decide when the dog’s time has come because they no longer want to care for them, they’re misbehaving, they’re difficult to deal with, they’ve changed, or they’ve gotten old, among many other reasons.

Today’s story is about Netty, a senior dog who was returned to the shelter from which she was rescued after 12 years to be put down. Thankfully, the veterinarians who examined Netty discovered that she still had a lot of life in her eyes. Instead of euthanizing her, they placed her for adoption.

A New Beginning at 15 Years Old

Netty, a 15-year-old mixed pitbull, was having incontinence issues, so her owners decided to return her to the shelter. They didn’t want to help Netty; they just wanted to euthanize her. However, the veterinarians decided against it and began her on medication. She quickly began to improve!

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Netty was doing so well that the shelter decided to post a message on social media pleading with people to adopt her and give her a good life. Though everyone hoped for the best for Netty, they also knew that senior dogs were not at the top of the adoption list.

The shelter, on the other hand, was completely honest about Netty. They stated in their message that she was in her final days and that they did not want her to spend them sitting in the shelter. They wanted her to have a home where she could be happy and loved for the rest of her life.

Netty was described as low-maintenance and gentle with children, other dogs, and cats. They also encouraged people to spread the word, and their comment section quickly filled up! The post was shared hundreds of times, indicating that word had spread.

“I knew she was the one for me.”

Amy Kidd, a veterinarian, eventually saw the ad and says she immediately knew Netty was a good fit for her. Amy and her family had experienced the heartbreak of losing a dog. Their 12-year-old rescue dog, Monty, had died of cancer only a month before Amy met Netty, and they had six other senior dogs at home.

So, when Amy saw Netty’s face, she knew she had found the perfect dog for her home. Amy and her family have been adopting senior dogs for over a decade. They’ve adopted dogs with only one or two months to live, and they’ve always done what’s best for them. They decided to continue taking in senior dogs as well as other dogs in need of special care.

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When the decision was made, Amy’s daughter, Emilia, and two sons drive 40 miles to the shelter to pick up Netty. They brought along one of their senior dogs to make sure they got along. When Emilia saw Netty, she sniffed her and began wagging her tail in delight. Everyone knew Netty had found her new home at that point.

A New Life Stage

When Netty became excited and began wagging her tail at her new family, the deal was sealed, and they drove her home. She behaved admirably on the trip, and she quickly adjusted to her new surroundings. Netty realized right away that she had found a new home and that this was the beginning of a new chapter in her life.

Netty was still incontinent, but Amy and her family were able to help her manage it with medication. She also had arthritis in the lower part of her spine and her elbows, which aided her recovery. They soon began to get to know Netty better and fell even more in love with her.

Amy and her family noticed that Netty was a little stubborn, which was amusing given that she was essentially an elderly lady who had difficulty walking. She quickly rose to the position of queen bee, and she was able to walk up the stairs on her own. She actually does it every day! All of this made the family believe that these were not Netty’s final days.

The entire family recognizes that Netty has a lot to offer and hopes that her story will inspire others to give senior dogs and dogs who need a little more attention a chance. They say that old dogs can’t learn new tricks, but that isn’t true! They only require love and patience.

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Anyone with a heart and a roof over their head can open them up to senior pets and enjoy all the love they have to give in return. Elderly pups are special in their own unique way and they want to live full lives as much as younger pups. They don’t need much, they just need some comfort and attention.

Netty is currently living her life to the fullest and Amy hopes that people read this and understand that senior dogs are as worthy of being adopted as any other dog out there. Please share this story to inspire others and help give elderly pups who are stuck in shelters a good life while they’re still here with us.

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