Animal Lover Works Hard to Get Feral Cat and Her Kittens to Safety, But One Steals Her Heart

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I had been on to my partner for months about getting another feline friend for our darling Lola (almost 3-years-old now). He wasn’t keen on the idea, but the day I brought Bovver home, he fell in love with our new baby boy.


Bovver’s mother Molly was merely a kitten when my cousin rescued her from the scrap yard and took her in. It didn’t take long before she realized Molly was pregnant! She amazingly birthed five gorgeous kittens.


Unfortunately, the property contained a number of dogs and other dangers, and Molly (a little feral) seemed intent on taking her kittens outside. With huge concern that the worst was to happen to her kittens, my cousin was at a loss of what to do. They couldn’t afford vaccinations, let alone enough food for now six felines.


That’s when she got a hold of me and I contacted the center I adopted Lola from. I was a bit of a “middle man” between the two, constantly taking photos, spending time with the kittens and reporting back to the amazing rescue crew. I managed to convince them to take in Molly and her five beautiful babies.

However, one of the kittens stole my heart completely. The idea of him waiting for his forever home broke me. I decided to take him home (unbeknown to my partner at the time).

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Bovver has become a huge part of our family, a great companion to us and our other cat. And I am so pleased to say that his three sisters, brother and mother have found their forever homes, all desexed, microchipped and vaccinated.

We now have two rescue cats, and though the road has been paved with hurdles (behavioural and medical), we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Story submitted by an anonymous user from Auckland, New Zealand.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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