“As devoted as dogs, donkeys. The young one grew up relying on this donkey as a companion.”look their miracle video

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This heartwarming story focuses on a boy’s relationship with Snickers, a donkey. Children in rural families often grow up surrounded by animals. Gunnar, the boy, grew up in a similar family with horses, dogs, and cats. He had a big heart and loved animals. When his father one day brought a donkey home, Gunnar immediately fell in love with it. With his brand new pet, the child was overjoyed and decided to befriend it right away.
Indeed, Gunnar cautiously approached the donkey at first because he had never met a donkey before and didn’t know how to interact with it. Every morning, the boy would go to the paddock to watch his father feed the animals. Then he began feeding Snickers several times himself. Within a week, the boy and the donkey had grown closer. Gunnar was now the sole feeder for his pet, and in the evenings, he used a comb to groom its back.

Because they are related to horses, donkeys make very devoted friends. Horses and donkeys were domesticated much earlier, with origins in Egypt. Due to their ten-hour workday and their ability to take breaks for lunch, donkeys are especially valued as companions. Donkeys are not as stubborn as they were once thought to be. Donkeys are also good at making friends; they pick one and spend all their time with them.

It turns out they get along well with children as well as with others of their kind. Snickers and Gunnar became best friends for life. Gaining a donkey’s trust takes more than just giving it a good treat; it also requires using kind words and showing affection. Donkeys are exceptionally intelligent animals with strong intuition and keen hearing. They can plan ahead and alter their route if necessary. They won’t even budge if they suspect something is amiss

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