Bonded Littermates Named Heckle and Jeckle Struggle to Find Forever Home

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In September 2014, our son and I stopped by our local Humane Society resale store to look for a specific item he wanted. While he checked out the store, I checked out the cats available for adoption. We already had five – all rescues – so I wasn’t looking for another cat to adopt.


Two all black boys, however, caught my attention with their antics. The tag on the cage stated they were five-months-old and had been there since July. The store attendant told me that no one had shown any serious interest in them because they had multiple strikes against them – they were black, they were males, they were no longer cute little babies, and they had to go together.


They had been named Heckle and Jeckle; appropriate due to their appearance and personalities. I mentioned them to my wife, and after some discussion, we decided that while they’d not be put down if they weren’t adopted, they could wind up being caged for a long time, and maybe even the rest of their lives. We agreed that we couldn’t let that happen.


My wife returned with me to the store and fell for them just as I did. They were snugglers, purring at the first scratch, and we wound up adding two more to our cat clan.

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Our vet said they were the closest to identical twin kittens that she’d seen. To tell them apart, we had to put different colored collars on them. There was a little disruption when they arrived home with hissing and growling from the older cats, but that ended pretty quickly, and in about a week, they were accepted members of the family.

They’ve really enlivened the house with their antics, and their older brother and sisters all play with them now. They’re vocal, playful and loving, and well socialized due to the handling they received at the Humane Society.


My wife claims they’re a new species, calling them bugger monkeys. They’re learning their manners and appropriate cat behavior, and we’re delighted that they’re now part of our family.

Story submitted by Wayne and Sandra from Brevard, North Carolina.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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