Dad asks if cockatoo loves him – bird’s response has thousands bent over laughing

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I really love cockatoos. They’re both beautiful and wise birds – and of course, very talkative! Pebble is one cockatoo who loves to have serious conversations with her owner on the sofa.

Sometimes her owner asks her questions – and Pebble’s answers can sometimes be rather unexpected…

Youtube / MegaBirdCrazy

It all begins when Pebble’s owner asks her a very straightforward question: “Do you love me?”

But instead of responding, the bird tilts her head back and lets out a loud, roaring laugh. Thankfully, dad doesn’t seem to take it too bad and has a good laugh too!

But Pebble is not malicious. Moments later, she gives her owner a kiss, and that’s a very telling answer to his question!

Over 10 million people have already seen this clip on YouTube  – have a watch for yourself below.

Watching this made me smile ear to ear. Pebble appears to have heard plenty of hearty laughter in her life – she imitates it so accurately!

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