Deserving Dog Rescued from Philadelphia Train Tracks Gets Adopted and Finds ‘Nothing But Love’

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Deserving Dog Rescued from Philadelphia Train Tracks Gets Adopted and Finds ‘Nothing But Love’

A Philadelphia rescue shelter claimed Lucky, a pit bull mix, is ” growing” after getting adopted by one of the people who saved him.

Lucky, a paralyzed dog found abandoned on train tracks in Philadelphia, has actually finally found a family to love him after he was adopted by one of the people who saved his life.

The pit bull mix was left for dead on the tracks in November 2022 and endured through a two-day ordeal. Lucky’s rescuers believe the dog’s spinal cord was severed by a passing train before animal fans found the dog.

Philly Rescue Angels, INC, a nonprofit in Pennsylvania that cares for abandoned animals, said in a Facebook post at the time that Lucky “has been laying here for TWO DAYS, he has actually been laying his body down, and the train has been going over him … We are heartbroken, this is pure evil!”

And while the story started heartbreaking, new grinning photos of Lucky show how much his has actually changed for the better. Philly Rescue Angels shared an upgrade on Monday that Lucky, a name the organization gave the dog, is currently “adopted, thriving, and knowing nothing however love for the rest of his life.”

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The team said one of the women who saved Lucky from the tracks is now the pooch’s animal parent. Lucky currently shares a home with numerous other dogs “that he is so pleased with,” the rescue team said, adding, “The most deserving kid has FINALLY found his happy ending.”

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After a terrible experience on the train tracks, Lucky required time to recover from his injuries and find the right home.

Philly Rescue Angels also said finding Lucky a home took several months since the group needed to deal with hundreds of people connecting to adopt Lucky, who then “ghosted” the organization when it asked for even more info.

” However we know Lucky was ghosted by these people for a reason because now he is where he belongs,” the rescue shared on Facebook.

Lucky will certainly never be able to walk unassisted once again and has racked up about $18,000 in vet bills, which Philly Rescue Angels will certainly cover. The rescue will support Lucky financially for the remainder of his life, helping with the canine’s regular monthly healthcare, prescriptions, and other quality-of-life expenses.

And for the owner who abandoned Lucky in the first place, Philly Rescue Angels Inc has a easy message: “We wish the person who did this to him sees the life he is living now and sees that their actions were not a success. Lucky has actually overcome everything you placed him via & he will live a lovely life now.”

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If you want to help Lucky in his new home, he has his very own wishlist on Amazon with items needed to keep the pup happy and healthy.

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