Dog Adopts Baby Goat Rejected by Mother, Nurtures Her as One of Her Own Puppies

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Rita, the baby goat, was abandoned by her mother at birth but found a new caretaker in Blizzie the dog.

Blizzie now cares for Rita alongside her four puppies, treating her as part of the family with no distinction.

According to eighteen-year-old farmer Glori Rushing, when Rita’s mother, Smore, refused to feed her, Blizzie stepped in. She carried Rita to her bed alongside her own puppies, born just a few days prior.

The three-year-old dog and four-week-old Rita developed a strong bond. Glori mentioned that Blizzie, who had recently given birth, went out of her way to care for Rita by bringing her alongside her own puppies.

Seeing how naturally Blizzie took care of Rita, Glori and her husband Nathaniel decided to let them stay together. Rita preferred Blizzie’s milk over the bottle they tried to feed her.

“Blizzie is usually tasked with helping on the farm, including taking care of the goats, but I’ve never seen her take to one like she did with Rita,” Glori noted. Rita gets along well with the puppies and Blizzie, acting like one of the pack.

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