Dog Missing Parts Of Brain Is Saved From Being Put Down And Is Now The ‘Happiest Dog In The World’

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Dog Missing Parts Of Brain Is Saved From Being Put Down And Is Now The ‘Happiest Dog In The World’

Canines with disabilities and medical issues often have a rough time. They’re often at risk of being euthanized, or abandoned by owners who do not desire the responsibility of caring for them.

However as long as a dog isn’t enduring, they should get a chance to live and be enjoyed like any other canine. After one disabled canine got a 2nd chance, he’s not only doing well but he’s the “happiest dog in the world!”

In 2016, a woman called Jennifer Osborne saw a dog called Moose in a pet store– he was very distinctive-looking, with a repaired smile and big underbite.

She found out this was because of a clinical defect Moose had actually had because birth: he was missing parts of his brain.

” Moose’s nose was pressed right into his skull which caused the under-bite, crooked nose, deformed skull, deformed brain and eye issues– possibly when he was still in the womb,” Jennifer informed Metro.

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Jennifer quickly fell in love with the dog– and most of all she was stressed that, in the wrong hands, Moose would be put to sleep because of his clinical issues.

So, she adopted him herself, giving Moose a home where he would be safe.

Jennifer knew it would not be an simple roadway ahead: Moose’s medical issues needed a lot of attention.

He dealt with frequently seizures: “They affect the body and the brain and left his whole body twitching and him foaming at the mouth,” Jennifer said.

She got the dog an MRI, which exposed the scope of his medical issues: he had no forehead and sinuses, and there was a cyst where the parts of his brain were missing.

” His brain in the front is crushed in however the rest of his brain is good,” Jennifer explained on Instagram. “His neurologist has never ever seen a canine with an issue like Moose’s.”.

She found out that the canine’s seizures would proceed his whole life, nevertheless they could be treated with medication, and it would not affect his life expectancy.

Jennifer prepares to deal with any challenges ahead and is still grateful to have Moose in her life. Despite everything, he’s one happy and playful dog.

” With everything that’s happened to Moose, we’re extremely lucky he made it through, period,” she told Metro. “He is literally a miracle.”.

Moose goes through life with a big smile on his face, as if happy for each day he gets to live.

” He is incredible and a true blessing on my life,” Jennifer said. “He is the happiest dog I have actually ever met and I’m grateful he’s my dog.”.

We’re so happy Moose is succeeding and living his best, happy life! You can follow this happy dog’s adventures on Instagram!

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