Dog Plays Dead So She Doesn’t Have To Leave The Park

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Dog Plays Dead So She Doesn’t Have To Leave The Park

Home may be where the heart is, but as this tenacious pup seems to know all also well, it is not where the park is.

Over the weekend, people enjoying a beautiful day of sun and fresh air at a popular outdoor area in Australia were treated to a lovely exhibition of canine misbehavior. They just couldn’t get enough of it.

A park-goer took this video clip. Kristen Bohlsen depicts a guy engaged in a beautiful standoff with his clearly strong-willed canine. The dog’s owner expresses his desire for them to go, but his pet has other ideas. Rather than yielding to the mild tugs on her leash and returning home, she picks to resist by rolling on her back to play like she died, while the delighted crowd looked on.

Bohlsen was unable for comment on how the canine’s stubborn resistance paid in the end, however her act of disobedience did earn her a few additional mins in the park– and she made everyone’s day a bit brighter in the process.

( With the possible exception of her proprietor.).

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