Dog was locked in barn for 6 years — now see his transformation after he gets a haircut

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It always breaks my heart to find out about pets that have been abused or neglected. But animals are vulnerable and need our help, so I keep my eyes open so I can do what I can to help.

Plus, some stories have happy endings. And there’s nothing sweeter than when a cat or dog finally gets to live the life they deserve.

Take the dog Lazarus, for example. The Great Pyrenees was neglected and forced to live in a filthy barn for six years.

Then one day, a kind-hearted woman heard about him and took action.

When she met Lazarus, he was in a sorry state. His fur had never been trimmed or taken care of. But underneath all that matted, dirty fur, there was a beautiful dog.

Groomer Candice Skelton rescued Lazarus from serious neglect. The dog’s owners were terminally ill and weren’t able to take care of him, so he stayed in a feces-covered barn stall for six years.

The first thing that Candice wanted to do was shave off Lazarus’ dirty coat.

It would prove difficult, though. His fur was tangled, matted, and dirty— and there was a lot of it.

It took Candice and six helpers to shave Lazarus, and when they were done, he had lost an incredible 35 pounds of fur. That’s a lot of weight for any sized dog!

For the first time in years, Lazarus could show the world who he really was— a sweet and beautiful dog.

Before he was shaved, Lazarus could barely walk. Now, he could not only walk, but also run!

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The next challenge for Lazarus was to get used to human contact. It was new to him—but nothing he couldn’t get used to.

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue volunteered to take Lazarus and help him find a new home. They placed him in a foster home, where he’s slowly but surely getting to know what a dog’s life is supposed to be.

Hopefully, Lazarus will find a new home soon, where he’ll be showered with love and warmth. It’s the least Lazarus deserves.

What a wonderful dog Lazarus is! I wish him all the best and hope he finds a truly loving home!

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