Every Morning a Wild Deer Knocks on Elderly Woman’s Window. The Reason Will Melt Your Heart

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Mette Kwame, 81 years old, originally from Orlando, lost her husband a few years ago and found herself alone. The woman’s strength was weakened by her isolation and loss, and she began to sink into melancholy until the day a wild deer appeared from the forest.

Mette was surprised to see an unexpected visitor, a magnificent animal, and she hurried to offer it bread. She nicknamed the deer Flippen, and it started visiting her twice a day. The lady offered bread and vegetables to her newfound acquaintance, allowing her to pet it.

These visits have been going on for years, and the deer has never disappeared. Mette says she can’t imagine her life without Flippen’s regular visits.

Following Mette’s story, local hunters decided not to pursue Flippen, allowing the deer to roam freely in the forest without the fear of being shot.

As the couple had no children, the woman was left alone after her husband’s death. Flippen became her savior, and she has no other bond like the one she shares with the deer. The story has taken the internet by storm, with some expressing their gratitude as follows:

“How fantastic that such a wild and usually timid animal would trust a human. If this happened more often, the world would undoubtedly be a better place.”

Source: https://news-n1.com/every-morning-a-wild-deer-knocks-on-elderly-womans-window-the-reason-will-melt-your-heart/

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