Everyday Angel: Student Saves Stray Dog, Bringing Hope on Her Journey Back Home

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On a dreary day in Brazil, Mayane Rodrigues witnessed a heartwarming scene unfold outside her apartment window.

'Angel' Spotted Saving A Stray Dog On Her Way Home From School

In the rain-soaked street below, Rodrigues spotted a young student returning home from school. Setting aside her umbrella, she unburdened herself of her backpack and then shed her coat. It was then that Rodrigues noticed a drenched, stray puppy at the girl’s feet – and understood it was all for the dog.

What followed next was truly touching.

Observing as the girl cradled the pup in her arms, Rodrigues couldn’t help but see her as an angel.

“It all unfolded so swiftly. It was incredibly moving,” shared Rodrigues with Dodo. “I sent the video to a friend, who shared it with a community group, and that’s how I learned the identity of this angel.”

This angel, as it turns out, is Cibely Stiegelmair, a 12-year-old who, on that day, saved a life.

Rejane Stiegelmair, Cibely’s mother, recounted to The Dodo: “I was alarmed when she returned with the puppy, soaked and sweating from the rain. There was blood on her shirt. I feared she was hurt. But she told me she had found the puppy injured.”

Thankfully, the puppy’s injuries weren’t severe. With a bit of love and care, all wounds heal.

Upon seeing the abandoned puppy, Cibely knew she had to intervene.

“Cibely has a heart of gold. She feels deeply for stray dogs,” shared Rejane. “If she could, she would bring them all home.”

Welcomed into their home with open arms, the pup, now named Pretinha by Cibely, found a place of love and safety.

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Though the exact circumstances of Pretinha’s plight that day remain a mystery, one thing is certain – thanks to Cibely, her future shines brighter than ever.

“We have always been proud of Cibely as parents,” remarked her mother. “But now, our pride knows no bounds!”

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