Family Dumped Dog Since He Got Old, Currently He Sits In A Corner Facing The Wall

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Family Dumped Dog Since He Got Old, Currently He Sits In A Corner Facing The Wall

In Owensboro, Kentucky, a trailer park was abuzz when Barkley a senior Shetland Shepard Dachshund mix showed up aimlessly wandering.

When transported to the Daviess County Animal Sanctuary, it became apparent that this pup had been through much distress with very little hope of recovery; he exhibited extreme signs of depression and rejected all human interaction.

Tightly curled up in a fearful corner of his room, Barkley was disturbed and uncomfortable. He refused to interact with anyone or touch his food, instead electing to keep himself away from everybody by facing the wall all day long while completely avoiding eye contact when somebody got close. His stressful body position caused a lot distress that he had to be sedated during an examination at the vet’s office.

When the staff saw Barkley, they were horrified his paws had raw and infected urine burns, while his dental health was atrocious.

Interestingly enough he was already neutered leading them to think that possibly it wasn’t a case of abandonment but avoidance: His family may have left him due to financial problem associated with age-related clinical bills.

Despite the fact that he had been scared and unresponsive for 2 lengthy weeks, Barkley’s group of caretakers never quit on him. Each day they showed him like and patience until one miraculous morning when he finally came to recognize they indicated no injury– it was then that his spirit changed! He went from cowering in fear to seeking out human affection; stomach rubs became a favorite pastime!

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His rescue organization, Secondhand Hounds eventually located him a permanent foster situation where he can begin living gladly ever after.

Barkley’s days of sensation rejected and insignificant were over. He was now a lively pup, bordered by love in his foster home.

Sadly, after 2 short years with us he passed away from an untreatable cancerous mass on his back and spine. We are so grateful that we had the chance to provide him some joy before he left this world; may you rest peacefully wonderful boy! ❤ Rest In Peace, Barkley.

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