Family Thought Their Cat Was Cremated Until He Showed Up At Their House

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A family was shocked when their cat, who they believed was dead, had been cremated – only to show up at their house weeks later.

The Fitzsimons family lost their 16-year-old cat on May 19 when he didn’t return home after being outside. Rachel Fitzsimons immediately began searching for her beloved cat, but her efforts only turned up bad news.

She asked in her community Facebook group if anyone had seen the cat, saying, “our family cat Frankie has gone missing. Long shot I know but if anyone sees him please let me know. We just want to know what’s happened to him. He’s 16 and is chipped. Thanks.”

Photo: PXERE

Sadly, she shared in the comments of the post the heart-breaking news. They’d found Frankie, but it appeared he’d been hit by a car. His remains were found on the side of a road.

She said, “we were pretty certain that he is on the hard shoulder of the motorway by the slip road.” She further explained that the authorities believed the body was a badger, but they were not so certain.

However, they were able to get a better look at the body a bit later and confirmed the bad news. “The highways agency went back again for us today and it is Frankie sadly. We are able to pick him up today. Thanks everyone for your wishes,” she said.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

In an interview with Manchester Evening News, Rachel said that they gave the highway agency the description of their cat and the agency confirmed the body was a match.

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“They couldn’t chip it because it had been decapitated. We live very close to the motorway, so it seemed likely that it was our cat. We went to collect the body, and of course didn’t look at it because it was too distressing,” Rachel added.

Frankie had been a part of their lives for so long and the Fitzsimons decided to properly mourn him a cremation was in order. One of their kids even kept his ashes close to the bed at night because they missed sleeping next to their cat so much, according to Manchester Evening News.

The family mourned Frankie for 22 days when a miracle happened. Frankie showed up at their door!

In the interview, Rachel said, “My husband heard a meow outside and then I heard him shouting. We all ran out and there was Frankie! Remy was crying and asking: ‘Is he real?’ It was an amazing moment.

The poor cat was extremely thin, but he ended up being fine. No one is sure where he was at those 22 days, but he was alive and well all that time.

They say cats have nine lives and it seems to be true in Frankie’s case.

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