Firefighters Rescue A Dog After Being Trapped In A Strong River Current

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Firefighters Rescue A Dog After Being Trapped In A Strong River Current

Firefighters in California had the ability to save a dog and a lady who tried to help the animal but were entangled in the Los Angeles River’s high current.

After a storm, the canine struggled with the river for more than two hours. The rescue was a success when emergency services went to the Burbank Boulevard and Woodley Avenue community and used a rope system to drop a firefighter and pull them both out.

Scooby, a German shepherd mix, was so terrified that he resisted the rescuer and raced into the river. According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, the river’s water currents were taking a trip between five and ten miles per hr at the time (LAFD).

Before pulling the canine out of the water and bringing it to safety, rescue teams contacted people in Los Angeles to stay away and not try to save the dog. This after a passerby and the woman needed to be saved after jumping into the water to try to save him.

According to Fox11, following the rescue, LAFD Captain II Erik Scott held a news conference and specified:

” We understand the person had great intentions and that other people were visibly stressed over that dog; they had much better recognize that we are as well.

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However, when people help who lack the necessary personal protective equipment or experience to perform a rescue, they frequently become VICTIMS.”

After nearly two hours, firefighters had the ability to safely connect Scooby up after numerous rescuers corralled the canine in a safer place of the river, allowing firefighters to do the rescue procedures.

The specialist mobile animal rescue crew from LA Animal Services was on hand to help with the rescue attempts.

The agency later on tweeted a photo of Scooby before he was rejoined with his family.

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