If Someone Tells You Angels Don’t Exist, Proof Is In The Video

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If Someone Tells You Angels Don’t Exist, Proof Is In The Video

Kenny the Doberman’s tale is one of immense courage in the face of unbelievable odds. In spite of being close to fatality, Kenny fought hard every day and eventually made a miraculous recovery.

Kenny was left paralyzed in all four legs after a kennel gate fell on his neck. Leslie Gallagher, the founder of 2 Hands 4 Paws, took him in and cared for him though he could no longer move or take care of himself.

Euthanasia was suggested as an choice by some veterinarians but Gallagher declined to give up on Kenny.

However Leslie Gallagher still had hope. Something told her Kenny was a fighter. She wanted to give him a chance therefore she, and her staff, worked non-stop to help him recover. However, things simply kept getting worse. Throughout his physical treatment, it was found that Kenny had cancerous tumors, and underwent surgery.

To make issues worse, while recovering from surgery, Kenny wound up getting pneumonia. Destiny was testing Kenny to the limit.

Kenny and Leslie didn’t quit also when the odds were against them. They combated tooth and nail to seek out top medical help for Kenny. After handling to increase $9,000 for his initial surgery costs, they handled to persuade Dr. Wayne Berry– a renowned specialist– to agree to a 2nd procedure. Surprisingly, it was successful in slowly alleviating Kenny’s pain over time with physical therapy revealing significant results later as well.

Kenny went through numerous massages, laser therapies, hydrotherapy sessions, acupuncture therapies, and physical exercises in the coming months. You call it; Kenny was trying it. Kenny’s legs gradually began to work again as he progressed gradually and steadily. He regained bladder and bowel control little by little.

One day, A MIRACLE HAPPENED! Kenny impressed us all by running! He went to his caretaker and provided kisses. Today, Kenny navigates on his very own and loves playing with the other canines and his caretakers. It’s incredible how far he’s come from where he began. Kenny is our hero and gives us hope that nothing is impossible.

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Click the video below to watch Kenny’s incredible tale of recovery:

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