Incredible Moment: Heroic Dog Sees Baby Deer Drowning In Storm And Jumps In To Save His Life

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Heroic Dog Sees Baby Deer Drowning In Storm And Jumps In To Save Her Life

Who can resist a cute little baby deer with big eyes? I understand that most people care about pets, but we also care about wild animals. Imagine how horrible it would be to see one drown!

The story of this pup who becomes a hero by saving his friend’s life will tug at your heartstrings and possibly even cause you to cry for them both in typical canine fashion (which means lots of licks).

Storm, a golden retriever, was out for a morning walk in Long Island Sound with his owner, Mark Freeley. The pair came across a fawn drowning in the water due to wind gusts and stormy weather conditions that made it too dangerous to get close enough, and traditional care would be unable to help this poor animal, so Storm took matters into his own hands! He gently picked up the baby deer by the neck and gently dragged her safely onto land where she could rest while he stood guard over them both until the Animal Rescue League of Long Island arrived.

The fawn is startled and runs back into the water. Strong Island Animal Rescue League’s Mark and Frank Florida are determined not to let this little mite fall victim again, so they jump in, ready for an extreme rescue mission! Storm kept a close eye on Mark and Frank as they attempted to save the baby deer. They were able to rescue the fawn eight minutes later using rope rescue tactics!

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The terrified fawn was taken to a rescue center. She is now resting after her ordeal and being treated for ticks as well as an eye injury, but she appears to be fully recovered thanks to the storm’s quick reactions!

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