K9 Displays Affection for His Partner During Official Department Photoshoot

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Aren’t dogs the sweetest pets in the world? Even when they’re professionally trained K9s for uncovering serious crimes, their affection for their handlers never wanes.

Kenobi, a DNR K9 officer from Indiana, posed with his long-time partner, Conservation Officer Levi Knach, for a photo session. What was meant to be a routine photo turned into a heartwarming moment as Kenobi seized the opportunity to shower his handler with love.

Kenobi Adorably Disrupts Photo Session with Affection

Source: FOX59

Who could maintain a serious face after Kenobi’s move… am I right? Even Levi, who has been a professional for years, couldn’t help but crack a big smile after his dog’s adorable move.

“While taking their portraits, Kenobi snuck in some affection. But, on the job, he is a trained working officer who tracks people and objects, such as ginseng,” wrote Indiana DNR on their official Instagram account.

dog licking conservation officer during photoshootSource: ABC

The photo of the two soon went viral, melting the hearts of millions in record time. Kenobi, being such a good and affectionate boy, showed that even the most trained dogs in the world are nothing but the biggest sweethearts toward their hoomans during off time.

Levi And Kenobi Make A Great Team Together

dog and police officer posingSource: FOX59

They may afford themselves to be relaxed during a casual photoshoot, but the truth is Levi and Kenobi make a fantastic police duo!

The two have been a team for quite some time, taking part in some of the most demanding tasks of the DNR Office. When they’re not taking cute photos, Kenobi and Levi are in the field working tirelessly to pursue criminals and make sure their community is safe.

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They are very loved in their department and even on the streets, as the duo is always in a good mood, ready to serve their local community and help the people of Indiana.

The Duo Is Trained For Various Challenging Scenarios

police officer with dog posing for imageSource: Daily

Kenobi’s not a one-task dog. He has been trained for various challenging scenarios, such as tracking missing persons, pursuing criminals, uncovering evidence related to illegal activities, and identifying wildlife trafficking.

Other than that, Kenobi enjoys his job very much! He’s such a smart and obedient dog that loves being engaged in various activities. The truth is that being an officer totally goes hand in hand with his curious nature.

“Levi and Kenobi enforce the law with a vengeance. Both of them are entertaining and loaded with knowledge and experience.”

Eventually, the duo took the perfect photo for the department, but their “behind the scenes” moments will be long remembered.

And, the “accidental pictures” of Kenobi’s affection towards Levi will serve as timeless proof of deep love and a beautiful relationship between K9 dogs and their handlers.

We wish Levi and Kenobi only the best in life, and a lot of moments like these in the future! They sure deserve it!

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