Kansas Animal Shelter Raises Money By Selling “Spicy” Photos Of Their Animals’ Paws

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Desperate times call for desperate measures!

If you’re in the United States, you likely realize that people are struggling with inflation and the current economic situation. Many animal shelters have been hit hard while trying to keep their rescue pets alive and well-cared for.

Photo: Pexels/Matthias Zomer

To help fund the care of rescue animals, many shelters turn to fundraising efforts and the Kansas Humane Society has come up with a brilliant campaign known as OnlyPaws.

The rescue shared the idea of selling paw pictures on Facebook with an overwhelming positive response.

They said, “Times are TOUGH, and our pets need to pull their weight, so we’re selling their feet pics on the internet. We know you want this..”

They went on to say, “For every $100 we raise, we’ll post a collection of our spiciest toe beans from a variety of species. Every dollar counts and all the money raised goes right back to caring for our sexy animals.”

That same day, the rescue shared that they said over $300 within a single hour! Of course, they held up their end of the bargain and shared some adorable feet pics from their furry friends:

Within a matter of days, the humane society raised over $9,000!

They shared a variety of adorable paws along the way:

In the end, they raised around $10,500 within a week. Those are some valuable paw pics!

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