Large Moose Makes Surprise Visit to Mass. Elementary School: ‘This Is Crazy’

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A giant moose shocked a Massachusetts town by stopping by a local school.

On Monday, the towering creature walked through drop-off at Naquag Elementary School in Rutland, Massachusetts. Bonnie Anne Albert, a paraprofessional at the school, caught the incident on camera.

In the video, the moose takes long steps past the school, walking by cars lined up to drop off children for the day. The wild animal continues onto a walkway on the elementary school campus as someone says, “Holy cannoli, that is crazy,” in response to the sighting. Another person exclaims, “How beautiful!”

Albert can seen opening the door to capture a better angle of the creature as it makes its way through the school grounds. The clip concludes with the moose passing by a playground before disappearing further down a pathway into the trees.

“To see it where I work and come here every day, it was pretty cool,” Albert told local news station WCVB-TV.

Albert added to the outlet that the school’s staff had been preparing to welcome kids at the school around 8:35 a.m. when the moose appeared. “My co-workers and I do our normal routine of picking up the kids in the morning drop off line, and to witness a moose walk on the sidewalk was a shocker and so neat,” she said.

“We were all looking at each other, like, there’s no way. This is a moose. This is crazy,” Albert said, per WCVB-TV.


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