Listen to this Elephant Calf Giggle as She Plays With a Human Park Worker

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One of the purest things in this world is the sound of a baby laughing! Maybe it’s a silly face that you make, or when they’re playing with a pet, the sheer joy of seeing a child laughing is immeasurable. And this video of a giggling baby is going to take you over the moon. However, the baby in the footage is not human!

Elephants have high emotional intelligence. Specifically, the way they express grief and loss is very close to how we do it. They mourn their losses and even visit graveyards in the wild. So it’s no surprise that these creatures would give the same emotional response when happy. And you can see it in this instance where an elephant calf falls into a fit of giggles during playtime!

Maewang Elephant Camp of Chiang Mai, Thailand’s primary purpose is to protect elephants by taking care of them. They also allow visitors to observe and interact with these gentle giants. And one visitor was particularly lucky as she got to record a calf playing with a park worker.

They were playing with a plastic basket where the man would drag it away from the calf. As the baby elephant tries to grab it, it makes a laughing sound that is indistinguishable from a human baby’s laughter. Watch the short clip below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought


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