Lost Dog Was 2-Days From Being Put Down, However He Still Wished Dad Would Save Him

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Lost Dog Was 2-Days From Being Put Down, However He Still Wished Dad Would Save Him

When animal control policeman’s brought a somber-looking “abandoned” Pit Bull home, they recognized there was little hope for this senior puppy.

Hank, a Pit Bull, was adopted and provided a name. However, despite behavioral and socialization training, Hank really did not “act” the method his brand-new proprietors wanted. Hank was labeled a “failure” and put on the kill listing because he really did not act as expected.

But, when among the shelter workers discovered a “missing dog” photo that seemed identical to Hank, everything changed. Titan, a beloved pet who was stolen about a year ago and whose ruined owner, Barry Gearhart, had been looking for him everywhere since, had disappeared without a trace.

2 days prior to Hank was meant to be taken down, the workers informed Barry about him. The desperate man hurried to the sanctuary and raced to his kennel immediately. It only took a second for Barry to identify his canine, and the man began weeping uncontrollably when he reached out for his brokenhearted pet. The employees were specific that he was Titan because to seeing the Pit Bull’s emotional display for the first time.

After all of this, Titan is back home with his dad, who is overjoyed to have his son back. Since he was a puppy, Titan has been with Barry, which discusses why it took him so long to heat up to anybody else. What an amazing and pleased finishing!

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