Lost Puppy Stumbles onto Naval Base, Locates Lifesaving Hero

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He chose to save him because he was in danger, and now that he is safe, he is surrounded by pure love.

Griffon is one of those dogs that always seems to be lucky. The 6-month-old stray had spent so much time on the streets that he had nearly given up hope of ever finding a home.

Eventually, his wandering led him to an unexpected place—a foreign naval base—where a man rescued him.

According to a Facebook post by Paws of War, a nonprofit that trains service dogs for veterans and first responders, “A U.S. Naval Commander saw the little dog and immediately realized that he wouldn’t survive long alone in such a dangerous environment. He scooped the pup up into his arms, reminded of his unit’s motto, ‘Those who arrive alive, leave alive,’ and knew it had to apply to this little soul as well.”

Soon, everyone on the base wanted to meet Griffon after hearing his story.

The statement explained that while Griffon was being cared for, “the Commander established a wonderful bond with the pup, who now follows him everywhere.” The puppy, named Little Griffon, became a part of the family and brightened everyone’s day.

The hero commander has decided to adopt Griffon and bring him home when he returns to the United States. Despite limited information, Paws of War spokesman Gary Baumann confirmed that the commander and Griffon will soon be reunited.

In an interview with The Dodo, Baumann praised Griffon as a happy puppy. “He’s doing well, loves eating, and loves every dog he encounters,” Baumann said.

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“We’re looking forward to a reunion soon,” Baumann added. “The commander is from Maryland and will welcome Griffon home with a wife and kids.”

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