Man Discovers Cat Who Just Had Kittens Under His Bed, But He Doesn’t Own A Cat

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Paris Zarcilla, a film director in London, walked into his room for a sweater, but instead found a mother cat that just had a litter of kittens under his bed. The oddest part was that he didn’t own a cat.

The cat found his room as a safe place to have her four babies. Zarcilla was overcome with emotions upon finding the kittens. He tweeted, “I have run the gamut of human emotion today. Unexpectedly discovered more than kittens but also the hidden depths of my own capacity to love.”

SELF PORTRAIT with my boy Ronin

— Paris Zarcilla (@ParisZarcilla) October 18, 2020

After the shock wore off, he decided to take it in stride and dubbed himself “cat dad”. It didn’t take long for the adorable fur balls to steal his heart. He posted pictures of the kittens and how he is now focusing on his four new children. “To my cat sons and daughters, I’ll be the hero you deserve, but not the one it needs right now (because of mama cat). So I’ll hunt for you, because I can afford it. I’ll be your silent guardian, your watchful protector. Love, #CatDad.”

In these mentally and emotionally trying times, I like to think my kids are trying to protect me from this mornings news.

— Paris Zarcilla (@ParisZarcilla) June 7, 2020

He reached out to a rescue in the UK, Cats Protection, regarding the care and finding the owner of the mother. The rescue advised him to keep the mother and kittens together for six weeks. He is becoming so attached that they will have a forever home if a chip is not found.

Now that my kids have grown up, I get them to help me take new profile pics. #Caturday

— Paris Zarcilla (@ParisZarcilla) August 8, 2020

The new kittens have consumed his life and he loves it. He is posting multiple times a day about his love and fascination with the kittens. He has not officially named them because he states that he will be 100% heartbroken if he has to give them up. However, he has posted extensive details about each kitten, including personality and weight.

“…Mac and Dobby you run smush interference. Pancake, you’re on perimeter duty. I shall strike here, at the biscuit bag’s weak spot and by midnight we will feast until dawn”

— Paris Zarcilla (@ParisZarcilla) June 21, 2020

His writing has been put off due to the adorable kittens distracting him. They are irresistible and impossible to ignore the cute yawns. For now the kittens and mom, dubbed queen, are well taken care of.

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Momma cat knew exactly what she was doing. Her instincts were right about having this human help raise her babies.

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