Meet Willow, The Adorable Stray With Down Syndrome That Was Saved From Being Put Down

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Meet Willow, The Adorable Stray With Down Syndrome That Was Saved From Being Put Down


Meet Willow, The Adorable Stray With Down Syndrome That Was Saved From Being Put Down

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Meet Willow, a stray cat with “Down’s Syndrome” who was located straying the streets and was rescued from being put down.

Lori Farris, a 50-year-old special needs teacher, was walking down the street when she came across the little, battered-looking cat.

Lori brought the tiny cat home with her after she followed her to her vehicle and called her Willow after the street she was found on.

” Someday when I left a student’s home there was a tiny, unclean kitten on the doorstep and she followed me to my vehicle,” recalled Lori.

” I took her home and cleansed her since she had fleas and a bloody nose.”

When I took it to my veterinarian a few days later, I discovered it was a five-week-old baby female.

” The poor thing had eye infections, fleas and intestinal parasites but the vet believed she seemed healthy besides her face and mouth– she claimed it was like feline Down Syndrome.”

When special requirements educator Lori found the animal at five weeks old she suffered eye infections, fleas and intestinal parasites

” The veterinarian claimed that the sanctuary would surely euthanize her since she had not been ‘ quite’ so I decided to maintain her.”

Willow, that is currently four years old, deals with Lori at her house alongside her canine buddy, Ella the Boxer.

” Ella and Willow got on from the day they met,” Lori added.

” When I first brought Willow to the house, Ella was so interested by her and eventually built up the guts to come see her.

” Willow gave her a bit of a swipe and a spirited bite, and they have been inseparable ever since.

” They consume together, play with each other and even sleep together.”

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Willow has grown from her humble origins to come to be a social media icon with 249k Instagram followers.

” Willow enjoys using her various flower hats and her Instagram has had a fantastic reaction,” claims owner Lori.

” I think individuals like her because she’s a symbol of love, kindness and being gorgeous although looking various.”

” I’m OK with individuals saying that she’s weird looking since she is but I don’t like when people call her awful, retarded or gross.”

” She’s a terrific little cat in every method and I’m so glad she’s in my life.”

We such as a good underdog story. Willow, maintain shining!

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