Orlando Shelter Dog Called ‘Ugly’ by Potential Adopters Finds Home Where She Is ‘Cherished’.

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Orlando Shelter Dog Called ‘Ugly’ by Potential Adopters Finds Home Where She Is ‘Cherished’.

Prior to locating a home, Dutchess the canine was often overlooked and called “ugly” by shelter guests, according to Orange County Animal Services.

A story of heartbreak for one Orlando shelter dog has become one of hope.

The pup, called Dutchess, moved into Orange County Animal Services in Orlando throughout the 2022 holiday season due to a landlord issue, according to local information station Fox 35 Orlando.

However, she had difficulty finding a family when she showed up due to facial deformities under her eyes– small bumps on the bottom of her eyelids.

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” It does not impact her in any way except one: people can not seem to get past it,” the sanctuary wrote on Facebook. “The heartbreaking part is that Dutchess absolutely adores everyone. She runs up to the kennel doors on a daily basis, excited for the new day, relentlessly optimistic.”.

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Orange County Animal Services included the article that not only did potential adopters stroll by the canine’s kennel without glancing at Dutchess, but some made rough comments concerning the pet’s look.

” She looks so ugly. What is that? What’s wrong with her? Is she blind? How much is this gon na cost me? She’ll never ever get adopted,” were some of the comments the sanctuary heard, according to its Facebook article.

Thanks to this social networks post from the facility, Dutchess found a way out of the shelter. Rescue Canines Dream Inc. took the pet in and placed her in a foster home. Rescue Canines Dream Inc. gave an update on the dog on Facebook shortly after she arrived, saying she had scarfed down a McDonald’s cheeseburger and was “making herself right in your home.”.

The rescue included that Dutchess would get surgical treatment to remove the growths under her eyes after a vet specialist “determined” the growths to be “uncomfortable for her.”.

On Dec. 27, the rescue added an upgrade, saying that the surgery to eliminate the growths under Dutchess’ eyes– later discovered to be dermoids, rare skin cysts that dogs can be born with– was successful.

Orange County Animal Services initial post about Dutchess and her woes racked up countless interactions on social networks and led to an outpouring of adoption applications.

After Dutchess’ recovered from surgical treatment, she joined her brand-new family and was renamed Lena. The dog’s new pet moms and dads informed Fox 35 Orlando that she “is the sweetest dog they have ever before met.”.

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” She now has a new Mother and father to spoil her rotten ( Father works from home), and she has a new bro to play with, in her privacy fenced backyard,” Rescue Dogs Dream Inc told the outlet. “She gets to go on hikes and adventures, and she is a cherished part of the family.”.

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