Owner of blind puppy wants vet to put her down however the vet is having none of it

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Owner of blind puppy wants vet to put her down however the vet is having none of it

Aster Rose’s owner wanted her to be put to sleep simply for being deaf and blind. Fortunately the vet knew simply exactly how sweet her life could be under the right care.

Aster Rose is a pup that was found to be blind and deaf.

When her owners found out about her heartbreaking condition, they asked for the vet to put her down.

Fortunately, the veterinarian claimed no.

And absolutely nothing at that time could change his mind.

He is very much aware that dogs who can not see and listen to can still live a beautiful life.

She wasn’t going anywhere.

So the vet took the canine in and looked for a rescue that would take her and her sis in.

Which’s when Krysten saw Aster’s photo and she immediately related to adopt her.

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And thankfully, the universe worked out and she wound up taking Aster home.

Obviously, this is not Krysten’s first time caring for a dog with special needs.

Little Buddy is her first dog.

” I have actually had Little Buddy for over three years now. He was noted as blind and deaf,” she shared. “We don’t really know much about his first 10 months of life. His owner took him to a rescue and said, ‘my girlfriend doesn’t like my canine [and] claims I can not keep this dog anymore.”

And just like that, the poor canine was abandoned.

It was truly heartbreaking to just think about it.

He wasn’t adopted till 2.5 years later.

Little Buddy is an adorable Australian shepherd.

Since he’s under Krysten’s caring care, he is now in best health, living his best life yet.

His blindness didn’t quit him from living such a full life.

He loves adventures and is always prepared for some time out to run and play.

Little Buddy lives with two cats.

The cats are named Teddy and Goose and they are foster fails.

They were abandoned so Krysten chose to foster them.

But she was surprised at how much Little Friend enjoyed their company.

” When I adopted Aster, I knew that Teddy would be fine with her, however I kinda thought it would be this dynamic where they just coexist,” she remembered. “And then when she was little, he would approach her to snuggle.”

Teddy adores Aster.

For some reason, Aster came to be Teddy’s snuggle buddy and they’re simply inseparable.

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And to match that, Goose also happened to build such a solid connection with Little Buddy.

It was as if they all found their friends in each other.

For any type of pet owner, that’s probably the very best feeling in the entire globe.

The dogs share a special bond.

” Eventually, Aster and Little Buddy have one of the most amazing bond in this loving family,” the caption wrote.

According to Krysten, they really are bros and sisters.

“Little Friend doesn’t know just how to have fun with other dogs. He never had that in his childhood, and Aster hasn’t given up. She will certainly not give up on playing with him,” she shared.

And now, the connection they have created is unbeatable.

Their love fills Krysten’s home with a lot happiness every day.

Indeed, canines with special needs get to live a beautiful life in the arms of such loving people like Krysten.

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