Puppies Dumped On Side Of Highway In Oklahoma On The Mend, Thanks To You

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A heartbreaking story has a happy ending thanks in part to your support.

Six puppies were found running along a highway in Oklahoma. Someone was reportedly giving away puppies at the country store and the ones who didn’t find homes were abandoned on the side of the road to fend for themselves.

Photo: Friends with Four Paws Rescue

They are just six weeks old.

Thankfully, they were rescued before they were harmed by predators or hit by a car. The malnourished pups arrived at Friends with Four Paws Rescue covered in fleas and ticks.

Photo: Friends with Four Paws Rescue

They are finally getting the care they need thanks to your donations of food, treats, toys, and more.

Photo: Friends with Four Paws Rescue

The rescue named the puppies after Mass Effect characters (Wrex, Thane, Sheppard, Tali, Cora, Liara).

They shared with us, “They are learning more each day what a real puppy life should be like! Thane has claimed “Gemini” from Bark as his own personal play toy, and Sheppard has learned that Optimeal mixed with Royal Canin (soaked in water) is way better than bugs! Wrex has also decided to test the chew resistance of “Trixie the Tricky Chicky”! Even their foster mom got a nice treat while wearing leggings provided by Chewy for a nice puppy Dawn bath!”

Photo: Friends with Four Paws Rescue

Your donations are impacting the lives of shelter pets, like these precious puppies. The rescue said, “There is no doubt that without items from the GOODS program, the rescue would have been scrounging to come up with the items needed to take in an emergency litter of puppies! The play pen they are in, the pee pads, the food bowls, the toys and treats and the high-quality food made a quick save possible for these pups!”

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Photo: Friends with Four Paws Rescue

GOODS lends a helping hand to overwhelmed shelters and rescues by sending much-needed pet food, treats, and supplies. Thank you for continuing to help us help pets in need.

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