Puppy Heartbroken After Being Surrendered to Shelter by New Owners for Surprising Reason

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All Kelly, a loving pup, ever craved was affection, yet all she faced was abandonment. Her previous owner, a heartless breeder, exploited her for profit and discarded her once she was no longer profitable.

Left desolate and famished, Kelly wandered the streets in search of kindness and care.

As she dragged her feet along the lonesome roads, Kelly held onto the hope that someone would notice her and offer a helping hand.

Despite the mistreatment by her previous owners, Kelly clung to the belief that there were compassionate humans out there.

Kelly’s Arrival At The Shelter

Source: @humanebroward

Upon spotting her on the streets, rescuers at the Humane Society of Broward County in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, hurried to her aid.

The staff’s hearts shattered as they witnessed the malnourished and neglected state of the pup.

Upon reaching the shelter, Kelly won over the staff with her charming personality. Eager for affection, she relished cuddles from her new companions.

“Kelly is an absolute love bug and enjoys human company and affection. She is playful, goofy, and loves her chew toys and walks,” shared Susan Leonti, the digital marketing specialist at the Humane Society of Broward County with Newsweek.

The staff was determined to help Kelly find a home swiftly. Knowing all she had endured, they understood that Kelly needed a caring home to discover true happiness.

The shelter showcased Kelly’s video, narrating her past life story on social media. The clip depicted a hopeful pup in her kennel, wagging her tail.

dog at the shelterSource: @humanebroward

A lovely couple seeking to adopt their first dog stumbled upon the video and instantly fell for Kelly.

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The following day, they arrived at the Florida shelter, professing their love for Kelly and their eagerness to bring her into their lives.

The Fleeting Happiness

heartbroken dogSource: @humanebroward

The shelter staff rejoiced, believing that Kelly had found her forever happiness.

On her adoption day, Kelly was exuberant. Her face lit up with joy as she bid farewell to her shelter companions.

Her new owners brought her home, eager to shower her with love and happiness, but fate had other plans.

Shortly after, the couple discovered that one of them was allergic to dogs. Sadly, they had to return Kelly to the shelter.

dog surrendered to the shelterSource: @humanebroward

Kelly caught a glimpse of happiness only to have it snatched away.

Back behind the kennel bars, Kelly was heartbroken.

“Since coming back, Kelly has worn a sad and worried expression. When we walk past her kennel, she calls out to us with desperation in her eyes. It’s truly heartbreaking,” Leonti shared.

Though she cherishes her shelter companions, Kelly longs for a family of her own.

She dreams of knowing genuine love for the first time.

Let’s hope that Kelly’s dream comes true soon. This affectionate pup deserves a loving home that will cherish and make her joyful.

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