Pup’s Doggy Nurse Cuddles With Him After Each Round Of Chemo

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Pup’s Doggy Nurse Cuddles With Him After Each Round Of Chemo

Taylor adopted Ozzie after seeing an advertisement for a puppy that required to be re-homed. When she satisfied the little guy, he quickly won Taylor over! With his adorable personality and 2 different colored eyes, Ozzie was a shoo-in.

The active pup could not obtain enough playtime, and kid was he quick! That’s why it took Taylor by surprise one day when Ozzie started to labor and she saw that the puppy had a limp.

He was taken directly to the vet clinic where the doctor had news that would certainly transform the course of Ozzie and Taylor’s lives permanently.

Ozzie was identified with osteosarcoma. He had a tumor on his leg that required to be addressed. The vet presented Taylor with several therapy options. However all the options had one thing in common: Ozzie would have less than 12 months to live.

Taylor chose the treatment that gave Ozzie the best chance at a longer life. His leg was amputated and he’s had 5 rounds of chemotherapy. The day of chemo is hard on Ozzie, of course. Taylor’s dad who stays in a different state uses Uber Eats to reward the brave canine with ice cream.

The pup also has a doggy sis named Lulu that takes great care of him. She’s a very active dog but when she lies with Ozzie, she’s a calm, comforting friend. Seeing both of them with each other will certainly melt your heart! Here’s to Ozzie, the brave pup that’s defying the odds every day. To see his full story, please scroll down.

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