Rescuers Refused to Give Up on Dog with Nose Cut Off, Despite Slim Chance of Survival

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Rescuers discovered Namtan the dog in a heartbreaking state – she had been severely tortured, with her nose cut off, making her chances of survival bleak. Starving and unable to eat, Namtan was fortunately found by a group of rescuers who are known for their work in saving elephants.

Namtan the Dog

The Save Elephant Foundation in Thailand, renowned for their elephant rescue efforts, couldn’t ignore Namtan’s dire situation. She was discovered on the sidewalk with a portion of her snout detached—a result of a brutal act, likely carried out with a machete or knife.

Namtan's Injuries

Namtan struggled to feed herself; the ordeal had left her desperate, resorting to eating her own waste to survive.

Namtan's Struggle

Locating a vet willing to perform the intricate surgery required to save Namtan’s life proved to be a challenge. Many veterinarians were hesitant due to the complexity of the procedure after the delay since her injury. Eventually, a compassionate vet stepped forward to attempt the life-saving operation.

Namtan's Surgery

Thanks to the veterinarian’s dedication, Namtan’s life was saved! The transformation post-surgery was remarkable. Namtan is now recovering at The Elephant Park Sanctuary, receiving loving care from her rescuers.

Namtan's Recovery

Witness Namtan’s incredible journey from rescue to recovery in the video below.

Kindly note that the video includes graphic content that may be distressing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

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