Russian Missiles Hit Ukraine Animal Shelter, Countless Animals Need Our Help

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Russian missiles continue to rain down on Ukraine. Many people have fled the bombed areas, but a few remain to care for the abandoned and homeless animals.

These innocent animals are caught in the crossfire and need our help. Several missiles have hit Best Friends (“The Ark”) animal shelter at their new location and destroyed many of the kennels and injured some animals.

Photo: Best Friends Shelter

Their first location was destroyed shortly after the war began and they relocated to Fasova to continue to help pets in need.

The Animal Rescue Site, along with our partner Greater Good Charities, is providing funds to rebuild kennels and medical care – but we need your help.

The shelter is taking in evacuated animals from the frontlines who have nowhere else to go and is currently caring for hundreds of dogs and cats. Meet just a few of the animals in need of your support below.


Photo: Best Friends Shelter

Sorbona was abandoned by her owner prior to the attack and arrived at the shelter with a broken leg, thin, and severely dehydrated. She was found wandering alone on the side of the highway.

Photo: Best Friends Shelter

Her kennel was destroyed but she is safe with shelter staff. She needs our help to heal from her injuries. Donate here.


Photo: Best Friends Shelter

This poor pup has been through a lot since the war began. She gave birth shortly after the Russian invasion and was found emaciated and in desperate need of help. She was taken in by the shelter and regained her strength.

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Photo: Best Friends Shelter

The staff thought that she did not survive the attack but were relieved when they found her. Many of the dogs ran off into the nearby woods to hide after the missile hit the shelter. Madlen could barely walk due to severe injuries to her legs from missile fragments. She needs our help to recover.


Photo: Best Friends Shelter

This sweet feline was dumped in a box along with four other cats near a garbage can. The cats were brought to the shelter where the staff discovered that they were all blind. They are not sure if they were born this way or if it is from abuse.

Photo: Best Friends Shelter

Lasunya’s blindness is irreversible, and enucleation surgery is her best option to prevent further infection and pain. Help her get the care she needs to heal.

The cats were frightened by the bombing and lost their safe space. With your support, they will get a new cat room to live in.


Photo: Best Friends Shelter

Jazzy arrived at the shelter emaciated and depleted after surviving for weeks without food. She was devouring nutritious cat food and starting to gain weight before her home was destroyed. The playful cat wants to put her painful past behind her and start fresh with a new family.

Photo: Best Friends Shelter

Help rebuild kennels for Jazzy and pets like her.


Photo: Best Friends Shelter

This sweet boy has moved with his family from town to town as the attacks continued but became separated during the last evacuation. His family was unable to return for him and he is now in search of a new home.

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Photo: Best Friends Shelter

Alen has survived multiple tragedies and is ready for some peace and quiet. He was found chained outside when the hydroelectric power plant was bombed, and rescuers quickly cut him free.

Photo: Best Friends Shelter

He arrived at the shelter underweight and tested positive for heartworm disease. Just as he was regaining his strength and getting comfortable in his new surroundings, the shelter was bombed.

Help us rebuild new kennels for these pets displaced by a missile strike.

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