Sad pup separated from cow who raised him – camera captures tear jerking moment they reunite again

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Something that is often debated is an animal’s ability to show empathy and emotion similar to humans. According to some studies, animals are more similar to humans than most people are willing to admit. They stand by and watch how humans build relationships with other species and, perhaps, it helps them to build relationships with other species. Then again, it may just be something that was created as a part of them.

One family saw something unusual in the animals that lived on their property. Some of us may have seen dogs and cats get along, and they can do so quite well. For this family, however, it was a dog that was able to form a close bond with a cow. Ever since he was a puppy, the cow acted like a mother towards him. When it came time for the cow to be sold off, however, the bond was tested.

Rookie was the energetic pup that loved to run and play. He was fond of his human family but his favorite was a large, brown cow. She would regularly lick his coat and nuzzle with him, and Rookie would even sit near her back from time to time. She was just like a mother to him.

They would spend time together, drink together and even sleep together. It seemed as if they were inseparable but then it was time for the cow to be sold. The owner found that he wasn’t able to afford to maintain both of the cows that he owned at the time. It was then that the cow was removed from the enclosure.

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After the cow was taken, Rookie was very sad. He barked and howled and you could even see how sad he was in his eyes. He would walk into the enclosure howling, hoping that the cow would be in there.

That is when you see he heard something he recognized. It was the cow moo-ing and Rookie took off. He was focused on that sound and he followed it until he found her, tied in another stall.

He was so excited, he couldn’t stop licking the cow’s face. Rookie’s owner then carried the puppy in his arms, scolded him for running off and brought him back home. The whole way home, Rookie was upset because he didn’t want to be separated from the animal that had raised him and showed him so much love.

When rookie was back home, he lost his energy and enthusiasm. Even if he had a bowl of his favorite food, he continued to be sad. The owner was worried about his health and Rookie continued to look for his mother where she used to be.

Suddenly, there was a sound at the door. The cow had returned. The owners decided they would keep her for the sake of the dog. Even though it was a stretch financially, he knew that Rookie needed his friend so they did what was necessary to bring her back.

You can see more about this amazing friendship in the following video:


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