Stray cat colony takes in abandoned puppy to raise him like he’s their own What would’ve happened to Zhorik had it not been for the cat colony?

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Stray cat colony takes in abandoned puppy to raise him like he’s their own

Judging by how happy he is, these cats have been taking very good care of him.

Everybody needs a community to belong to. Nobody wants to be out in this world really alone.

Such as this colony of stray cats that took in an abandoned puppy to ensure that he would not need to be all alone.

The video begins with an explanation that the filmmakers regularly feed the stray cat colony in this one park. Sadly, it seems the park has come to be a destination for people choosing to heartlessly abandon their pets.

They sterilize the cats they are able to catch.

They do this in order to keep their populace under control. It is unsustainable to think that they could just proceed feeding the colony as it grows, after all.

A tiny puppy appears when food is being given out.

Someday, when they were giving out food to the colony, a small puppy came bouncing out of a box. The small little dog gladly wagged his tail as it helped himself to some of the cat food.

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The people checked the area for signs of a mom or other puppies, but it appeared the little guy had simply been dumped in the park.

Perhaps abandoned by somebody who felt they were not able to care for him.

Zhorik turned out to be a very friendly dog. He was extremely trusting of humans as well as trusting of his cat neighbors. He was simply full of sweetness.

He was dealt with for parasites and provided his vaccinations. His rescuers then began the process of searching for a forever home for him.

While he waited for adoption, he had a bigger dog friend available to help show him the ropes. He might have spent some time living amongst cats however he is a canine after all!

Zhorik is a very photogenic and lovable puppy. His rescuers were able to locate a permanent house for him in no time.

After a very harsh starting to life, everything was going to turn out just fine for him.

What would’ve happened to Zhorik had it not been for the cat colony?

Unfortunately, pets being deserted by their owners can have disastrous consequences. Sometimes there isn’t a passionate animal-lover nearby that can save them.

In this case, had there not been a cat colony close by that approved Zhorik, things could have turned out much worse for him.

Video clip of Zhorik’s rescue has gone viral. It has actually been seen more than 1.5 million times. Lots of viewers felt compelled to leave a comment as well.

“To believe that people dump their pets when they are done with them is so heartbreaking … thanks for helping out,” wrote one viewer.

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“CATS: ‘Yo, the food human simply stole our pet dog!’” Joked one more viewer.

“This woman carries such a softness about herself, she has such a loving energy & it makes me happy she was able to look after and assist this little puppy,” still another viewer wrote.

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