Stray Texas Dog Shot Over 4 Times Is Preparing to Find His Adopters After Surviving Abuse

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Stray Texas Dog Shot Over 4 Times Is Preparing to Find His Adopters After Surviving Abuse

Caretakers at the Hill Country Humane Society have actually nicknamed the dog Sweet Messiah and say they are now working on “providing him the most comfy and happy life”.

A stray dog found with multiple gunshot injuries is on his way to recovery thanks to animal welfare providers in central Texas.

The dog was given the nickname Sweet Messiah by his caretakers at capital Nation Humane Society. The dog arrived at the shelter after he was found with “multiple fragments or whole bullets in his body” by a good Samaritan recently. Sweet Messiah’s rescuer also notified the Llano County Sheriff’s Office about the dog’s condition.

According to the Hill Nation Humane Society, shelter workers hurried the dog to an after-hours emergency clinic after his arrival, where vets found bullets near the dog’s nose, neck, upper back, and back leg.

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Wonderful Messiah’s caretakers think the dog might have suffered as many as eight gunshot wounds, CBS Austin reported.

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At first, the Hill Country Humane Society was stressed that the puppy would not make it through the night, but the animal thankfully did.

” His battle is not over, however he remains in great hands and is receiving the best treatment thanks to all of our amazing supporters,” the sanctuary wrote on Facebook. “Thank you so much to everyone who has donated towards his treatment.”

The article on the sanctuary’s Facebook page includes a picture of the canine shortly after he arrived at the facility covered in blood and dust. The Hill Country Humane Society also mentioned that vets found Sweet Messiah’s stomach was full of gas and needed to be drained.

By Tuesday, the dog’s problem had actually improved enough for the shelter to move the pooch in with a foster family. After a little bit much more recuperation time, Sweet Messiah will certainly be up for fostering.

” We are not sure when he will certainly be available,” the Hill Nation Humane Culture composed on social media. “We will certainly continue to update! He will be seeing a new vet soon, so we can have their opinion on providing him the most comfortable and happy life!”

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