“The kind-hearted woman comforted the pregnant dog hiding under the truck, restoring trust and hope in a dark world.”

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As per Animal Rescue, the iPittytheBull Foundation received a distress call about a dog rescued from under a vehicle, suspected to be pregnant.

The dog was understandably frightened, but Bri managed to earn her trust enough for her to emerge and be safely placed in her car. From there, she promptly took her to the vet for a thorough checkup.

Upon examination, it was discovered that she was in a rather dire condition with several open wounds. Initially thought to be pregnant, the x-rays revealed otherwise.

She’s in pretty terrible state with some open wounds. Arriving at the vet, they all believed her to be pregnant but after looking at the x-rays, she was not.

She’s presently receiving fluids and antibiotics in hopes that in the following day they may conduct another x-ray and obtain a better image. She suffered contusions on her lungs. She was also in risk of being put down owing to probable rips her in her intestines. Her blood count is severely low and definitely requires a blood transfusion.

Bri chose to call her, Stella, since they are going to help get her groove back. She was given a nice bed covered by an even softer blanket for maybe the first time ever.

The objective now is to get her well and take her as far away from the awful world she came from.

“Oh Stella…… you have simply squirmed your way into all of our hearts. We adore you so very much.”

Stella is living a lovely life after being adopted by a wonderful mother. Thanks to iPittytheBull Foundation for assisting and taking care of this angel.

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