The ‘lifeless’ puppy is brought back to existence through a little bit of affection.

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While waiting for the arrival of the rescue team from “Animal Aid Unlimited,” the wounded puppy lay on the street.

Carefully lifting him, they noticed puncture marks on his neck. With his condition deteriorating rapidly, he needed urgent attention, prompting them to rush back to the animal hospital.

Image/Story Source Credit: @AnimalAidUnlimited via YouTube Video

In this circumstance, they would go to any length to save the baby. He was taken to a vet hospital by “Animal Aid Unlimited”. The vets started him on IV fluids to keep him hydrated and they gave him all the best medical treatment.

The dog awoke the next day, exhausted and unable to stand, with his entire head swelled. He would require feeding help.

After a days, this brave kid managed to overcome all the difficulties. He’s such a lucky boy that he had rescued just in time. He grows up in good health and lives a happy life.

Image/Story Source Credit: @AnimalAidUnlimited via YouTube Video

Thanks to the efforts of animal rescue workers for giving him a second chance at life. Without your love, he would have died and never have today. Please send your love to this sweet soul and share his story.

Watch the video below for the full story!

Special Thanks To Rescuer 💚
Thanks to the channel : @AnimalAidUnlimited ❤️

Youtube video

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