Their hearts broke as they watched the mother dog mourn her lost puppies

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Their hearts broke as they watched the mother dog mourn her lost puppies

Although these rescuers and big dog lovers were already used to various unpleasant situations, nothing could have prepared them for what they would soon witness.

That day, hikers who were walking in the nearby forest informed them that they found an abandoned mother dog in a small barrel and that she was in very bad condition.

They immediately rushed to that place, but it took them as much as three hours to get to the exact location. When they finally came, their hearts cried at the sight they found there.

Immense Suffering

dog in a small barrelSource: Animal Shelter

When the rescuers approached the container that was left on the side of the trail, they saw a mother dog curled up in it, holding her beloved puppies in her arms.

Even though she was very scared, they could mostly see the sadness in her eyes, and she had a good reason for it. After the rescuers got a closer look inside the barrel, they saw that four puppies were already gone.

They could hardly hold back their tears, but they quickly pulled themselves together and decided to do everything for the poor mother dog and her six remaining puppies.

poor dog on the tabelSource: Animal Shelter

Their first stop was the veterinary clinic, where the doctors immediately determined that the mother dog was in critical condition. She was dehydrated and was suffering from postpartum infection.

However, worst of all was her emotional state, which was best reflected in her eyes, which radiated immense sadness. Fortunately, her beloved babies gave her the necessary resilience to survive all this.

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sick mama dogSource: Animal Shelter

Even though she didn’t have the strength to get out of bed for several days, she used her remaining energy to produce milk for her puppies. Most of them were slowly getting better, but unfortunately, one was still very weak.

More Bad News

mama dog breastfeeding her puppiesSource: Animal Shelter

After five days, the mother dog finally got out of bed, and everyone in the clinic thought it was a turning point and that things would get better from that day on. Unfortunately, on that very day, sad news befell them.

The weakest puppy didn’t make it, and that day, he crossed the rainbow bridge. It completely broke the mother dog, and her condition suddenly worsened.

When the doctors examined her again, they found out that the infection had become more serious. Because of that, she had to undergo a difficult surgery.

veterinarian inhale dogSource: Animal Shelter

After the successful operation, her puppies were close to her, and they again gave her the strength to overcome all these hardships.

Sadly, when she wanted to hug them, she couldn’t, and the vets immediately saw tears in her eyes. It was a very painful moment for the staff of the clinic as well, who couldn’t help but wonder if any misfortune would bypass this poor dog.

sick dog lyingSource: Animal Shelter

However, this only motivated them even more to continue helping the mother dog and her children so that they could have happier moments together as soon as possible.

Luckily, those moments were closer than they expected.

Happy Ending After All

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dogs playingSource: Animal Shelter

The very next day, the day after the major surgery, the mother dog was eating again and feeding her puppies as well. Her energy had already returned, but most importantly, they finally saw a glimmer of hope in her eyes.

At that moment, they were sure that this was her new beginning, and in honor of that, they decided to give her a new name – Amelia.

After just a few days, Amelia was a completely new dog. Her look was full of happiness as she recovered very quickly. However, what made her happy the most were her children who were full of life and who slowly but surely grew into healthy and joyful dogs.

side by side photo of a woman holding a puppy Source: Animal Shelter

Those most beautiful moments of their stay in the clinic passed quickly, and soon, Amelia and her pups were all ready for their new beginnings. The puppies met their happy endings very soon, and their mother didn’t have to wait long either.

She found happiness with those whom her most difficult life battle began. Her saviors saved her again, but this time, it was furever.



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