Tired of her dog being called ‘ugly,’ she revealed his true beauty, capturing hearts and igniting a viral trend – Puppy Perfection

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It’s regrettable when certain people resort to unhelpful labels to criticize others, as no one should demean others based on their physical attributes. This principle applies not only to individuals but also to all living beings, including animals.

All creatures, regardless of their differences, must be embraced for who they are. However, there are people who do not grasp this and are obsessed with judging the look of the coat in specific conditions, despite the fact that they were not born that way.

Here’s the story of Alan, a handsome one-year-old boxer and mixed martial artist who was born with a genetic condition that makes his nose crooked and inclined to the right when he shuts his snout.

Alan is a poodle that was saved by Johanna Handley, 41, of Godalming, England, after she discovered him abandoned in Doha, Qatar.

“Puppies may say anything they want, but Alan is our dog, and we know he’s lovely and genuinely special,” Johanna adds.

Johana was weary of her pet dog being branded ugly, so she had the idea of making a social network account to counteract the bad remarks. Alan, and thankfully, the results were spectacular.

To make things more difficult, Johanna created the account Alan the Wonky Dog, which means “Alan the wonky dog,” to go directly to individuals who are critical of her pet.

“I’ve had a lot of negative feedback on Alan’s looks. “Some have promised me that they would send money to me in order for him to have surgery and have his face repaired, but there is no way,” Johanna explained.

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Alan has become one of the most well-known furries on social media, with over 141,000 followers and over a million “likes” on his postings.

Johanna’s objective has been to demonstrate how wonderful her dog is on the inside despite his outward look. She encourages people to embrace and adopt rescued dogs with special needs since they are creatures that deserve to enjoy lives full of love and care.

“I had him assessed by a veterinarian for surgery since I was concerned about his future and potential respiratory issues, and the veterinarian told me that he is absolutely healthy.” His nose and jaw would have to be broken and fixed. It would be an unbearable agony for anything just lovely. “There’s no use in putting him through that,” Johana remarked.

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Johana has resisted the attacks on her furry buddy with amazing bravery and affection. Her comments and messages have been quite complimentary since she opened her account.

“Everyone adored him,” Johana stated.

Johana feels relieved to have saved him. He is his family’s missing member.

Alan’s tale is very moving; let’s help his mother spread the word about adopting these odd puppies by sharing it.

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