Too adorable to be true 4-month-old cub gets a bath, but do not miss when he grabs the apple

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Too adorable to be true 4-month-old cub gets a bath, but do not miss when he grabs the apple

Smudge the adorable baby bear adores taking baths! This four-month-old black bear cub is being cared for by a rescue and rehabilitation team in China, and he appears to be enjoying his time there by playing in the bath, climbing on things, and eating apples.

See him chewing on apples while taking a bath. Smudge would certainly consider it a success when 2 of his favorite things come together!

Smudge was initially born on a bear bile farm in Nanning, China. He was rescued when the proprietors of the farm turned their home over to a bear rescue. Smudge was simply among over 130 bears on the bile farm. All of the bile farm bears were put with rescue organizations, such as Animal Asia, the organization caring for Smudge.

Currently, Smudge engages in everyday exercises that are indicated to maintain him solid, healthy and balanced, and amused. Together with a climbing tower, comfortable straw bedding, and snuggly teddy bears to play with, he likewise gets access to a paddling pool.

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The Chinese Bear Rescue Facility in Chengdu, run by Animal Asia, provides a safe haven where bears might invest their last years in a stimulating environment. There are 11 bear homes, 15 natural and semi-natural enclosures, unique treatment enclosures for older bears and bears with mobility issues.

250 bears can now live there. A well equipped vet facility, a protected quarantine location, an office building, a public education center, and a bear restaurant are amongst the on-site amenities.

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