UPDATE: Heartbroken Tommie Bear has returned to the shelter once again, where he now simply mopes.

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Tommie Bear, nestled quietly in his bed at a shelter in Houston, Texas, seems indifferent to the bustling activity around him. His story is one of heartbreak, having been returned to Harris County Pets after a brief stint with an adoptive family.

Originally a stray brought into the shelter in June 2020, Tommie Bear had a microchip and was subject to a six-day hold for his owner to claim him. Despite initial interest from two potential adopters, he found himself back at the shelter due to a series of unfortunate circumstances.

Months later, Tommie Bear remains a somber and withdrawn pup, having had limited human interaction and positive reinforcement. His return to the shelter has left him feeling lost amidst the chaos of unfamiliar faces, loud noises, and an uncertain future.

Concerns about Tommie’s behavior have been raised, with suggestions that he may be overly protective and not suitable for households with children. Shelter volunteers express sadness and worry for his well-being, advocating for a rescue organization to oversee his adoption process to ensure a successful placement this time around.

Shelter updates chronicle Tommie Bear’s journey, from the disappointment of returned adoptions to the hope of finding him a loving and permanent home. Despite the setbacks, there is a glimmer of positivity as a recent update shares the joy of a new family who welcomed Tommie Bear into their lives with open arms.

Tommie Bear’s new family speaks fondly of him, describing him as a gentle giant who brings immense joy and affection into their home. Their love and care for Tommie Bear serve as a testament to the transformative power of adoption and the importance of providing a nurturing environment for shelter animals.

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