When a shelter dog reunites with his lost family, his reaction is heartwarming.

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One January morning, an unusual sight greeted a staff member arriving at the Louisiana SPCA—a cow was tied to a shrub outside the premises. The small pup seemed bewildered when the shelter staff initially took him in, struggling to comprehend the sudden change in his circumstances.

NeNe Lewis from the Louisiana SPCA shared with The Dodo that the pup, named Cow, was initially quite nervous and would growl defensively when meeting new people. However, his demeanor would soften when given treats and spoken to in a soothing manner. Considering he was found tied to a hedge, his apprehension was understandable.

Over time, Cow began to adjust to life at the shelter. Despite the staff’s efforts to find him a new family over the past two months, they couldn’t find a match better than the one he had left behind.

In a heartwarming turn of events, a police officer stepped in to adopt Cow, who had been abandoned after a rescue mission that saved his life. When Cow’s original family learned about his rescue in March, they were overjoyed to discover that he was safe and well-cared for, dispelling earlier rumors of his alleged kidnapping.

Cow’s reunion with his family was a moment of pure joy. Lewis described Cow’s reaction as ecstatic, bounding with happiness and wagging his tail uncontrollably. His demeanor shifted entirely upon seeing his mother, expressing a level of happiness that touched everyone present.

Witnessing Cow run into his mother’s embrace, filled with jiggles of delight and cuddles, left no doubt that he belonged with his family. Despite months of separation, Cow seamlessly reintegrated into his family life, displaying a deep sense of comfort and contentment.

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