Couple Sets Up Greenhouse for Neighborhood Feral Cats, Who All Ultimately Become Housecats

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Submit your own rescue story here. Your story just might be the next to be featured on our blog! When I met my husband 38 years ago, he swore he would never own a cat. Several years later, we ended up “temporarily” taking our daughter’s … Đọc tiếp

Elephant Gives Birth to Something Very Rare, Staff Sees The Baby & Immediately Screams!

The remarkable birth of twin elephants in Kenya’s Amboseli National Park has galvanized conservation efforts and won over the hearts of animal lovers everywhere. Peru, an almost forty-year-old elephant, had been trying to conceive for a long time in the hopes of helping the local elephant population survive. Kenneth Ole Nashu, a seasoned professional in … Đọc tiếp

Canadian photographer Tony Austin accidentally documented a rare crow behavior known as “anting”

Tony Austin, a Canadian photographer, unintentionally captured the unusual crow activity known as “anting.” Nevertheless, he became aware of it when his pictures became viral. Numerous ants have taken over the body of the crow, which is sitting on gravel in the well-known video. In the 1830s, this behavior was initially observed in turkeys. That … Đọc tiếp

Stray Cat Gives Birth to Kittens in Woman’s Home on the Anniversary of Her Mother’s Death

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Submit your own rescue story here. Your story just might be the next to be featured on our blog! Our neighbors moved and left a cat behind. We would see her wandering the neighborhood, and we initially shooed her away because of our cats. Eventually … Đọc tiếp

Meet Chester, a Male Cat with an Incredible Maternal Instinct

Due to several circumstances, kittens are often abandoned or put up for adoption. Thankfully, rescue centers and foster homes are ready to take in poor babies. They’ll be responsible for their needs until they are old enough and ready to join a new family. However, managing a foster home is often difficult because kittens also … Đọc tiếp

Mother Saw Squirrels In Her Window – But When She Taken A Closer Look At Them She Called The Police Immediately..

This woman discovered two squirrels in her window as she woke up to an odd noise. Adorable rodents were lurking in the doorway’s corner. She might spend hours seeing the squirrels’ embraces. She particularly cherished the adorable looks they had on their faces while they slept. But as she gave the creatures a thorough inspection, … Đọc tiếp

The Unbelievable Transformation of Hidey the Cat

Cats are known for their independence, often spending their days exploring the great outdoors and only coming inside for meals and bathroom breaks. This self-sufficiency is what makes them such low-maintenance pets. However, when cats aren’t regularly groomed, their fur can quickly become a problem. Hidey, a cat owned by someone suffering from Alzheimer’s, unfortunately … Đọc tiếp

Frontier Is Giving Away Free Flights For People Who Adopt These Kittens

Frontier Airlines is offering free flight vouchers up to $1,000 for people willing to adopt one of three special rescue kittens. The airline shared on Facebook that the three kittens were taken in by the Las Vegas Animal Foundation and will soon be looking for new homes. The stray rescue kittens were given the names … Đọc tiếp