Truck Driver Rescues Three Stray Cats, And Now They Travel The Country Together

A truck driver in China has gone viral for his three rescue cats who ride around the country with him while he works. According to the South China Morning Post, the 56-year-old long-distance truck driver named Wang adopted the three cats after finding them as strays while working on the road. Photo: Facebook/9GAG That was … Đọc tiếp

Starving Homeless Cat Finally Gets The Food And Care She Needs, Thanks To You

It is National Feed a Rescue Pet Week and The Animal Rescue Site’s 21st Birthday! We are hoping to celebrate by providing 3 million meals to shelter pets, but we need your help. Join us in our mission to feed shelter pets across the country. Animal shelters and rescues are in desperate need of nutritious … Đọc tiếp

Rambunctious Tuxedo Kitty Can’t Understand Why No One’s Adopted Him Yet

Cats make excellent companion animals. Unless they fall seriously ill, they’re not overly expensive to keep as pets, either, and they can be just as affectionate and expressive as dogs — well, some of them can be. Yes, they’re known for their independence and sometimes even ‘tude, but others are downright clingy, following their people … Đọc tiếp

Special Needs Kitten Named Tater Tot Who Inspired People Worldwide Passes Away Suddenly

A tiny kitten with twisted legs and a “grumpy” face won the hearts of people around the world in a matter of weeks. The disabled ginger kitten was rescued by Kitty CrusAIDe in Salt Lake City, Utah. “This bean was born with some pretty obvious malformations, most noticeably his twisty back legs. His front legs … Đọc tiếp

Pennsylvania Cafe Helps Rescue Cats Find Loving Forever Homes

Cat cafes have been growing in popularity, largely in European countries like Ukraine. As the trend has grown, cat cafes have popped up in the United States, like the Toe Beans & Dreams Adoption Café in Oahu, Hawaii. Photo: Pexels/Lina Kivaka Now, Devon, Pennsylvania has its own cafe that’s working to help rescue cats get … Đọc tiếp

Doting “Single Dad” Cat And His Two Kittens Hope To Find Loving Home Together

Most orange tabby cats (roughly 80%) are male but not all are doting dads like Archie. The orange tabby cat family, which included mama cat and six kittens, was found in an Amazon box that had been duct-taped closed. During the rescue and transport, mama cat escaped and has not been recaptured. The kittens and … Đọc tiếp

‘Trickster’ Shelter Cat Secretly Opens Door When Staff Aren’t Watching

A “tricker” shelter cat learned to open the door at the shelter, and staff couldn’t figure out how the door kept being opened! It’s not unheard of for cats to learn how to open doors. Even kittens can open doors if they’re persistent enough. Some cats have even been documented opening a sliding glass door … Đọc tiếp