Brave Dog Dies While Saving His Owners From Deadly Snake

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Brave Dog Dies While Saving His Owners From Deadly Snake

It is recognized that Doberman one of the fiercest guards. Dobermans will always fight to death to protect their parent. And that is why many people have the faith in them.

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And Dibakar Raita understands that in a better method, he will always be grateful for his protective friend. Raita had no idea about what was outside his home, that was in the hill of Sebekapur’s village in the Gajapati area of Odisha, east India. But, thankfully his Doberman did.

There were 4 deadly snakes approached his house which was a really dangerous condition Raita’s family. But, the Doberman did not hesitate a little bit.

It appears 4 deadly hill cobras approached the home and that was an extremely harmful situation for Raita and his family.

Fearlessly, the Doberman fought the 4 cobras for around 4 hrs, finally the all cobras were dead without injuring any of Raita’s family. Sadly, the Doberman also passed away because of his serious injuries.

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