Ziggy the Wobbly Kitten Proves Pets with Disabilities Are Just “A Different Kind of Perfection”

Heather Wilson and her husband and two teenagers have never known a life without pets. But Heather admits that, up until recently, they had never really thought of adopting an animal that had a disability or special need. Now, after having adopted a kitten with cerebellar hypoplasia (CH), a permanent condition that affects the cerebellum … Read more

Timid Shelter Cat Comes Out Of Her Shell Thanks To Donated Scratch Pad

A timid shelter cat at Hill Country Humane Society was appropriately named “Wallflower” as she kept to herself and didn’t show any interest in interacting with people. That is until the shelter received scratch pads and other pet supplies thanks to your generous donations. The shelter is a stressful place with all the loud noises, … Read more

92 Neglected Cats & Kittens Finally Getting Care They Need After Being Rescued From Pennsylvania Breeder

Ragdoll cats are known for their striking blue eyes, silky soft coat, and friendly demeanor. They are loyal companions who are affectionate and laid-back, making them great family pets. Two cat lovers who recently purchased Ragdoll kittens from a breeder in Lancaster County notified Pennsylvania SPCA when they noticed the kittens were not properly cared … Read more

Emaciated Kitten With Shattered Leg Found Limping Around Pennsylvania Schoolyard Needs Your Support To Recover

Meet Domino. Life on the streets is tough, especially for injured animals. A four-month-old kitten was found limping around a Philadelphia suburb schoolyard by a kindhearted man who took him to a local vet for care. The black-and-white kitten was given antibiotics, treatment for fleas, and eye medication – but he needed more help. The … Read more